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Brussels Design September

For a whole month Brussels Design September brings together more than 100 cultural and commercial events in the city creating a platform for meeting Belgian designers as well as being open to international designers. There are numerous interesting events happening during the month, many with textiles as a main focus.

Textile designers Linda Topic and Antonin Bachet are holding an exhibition of handmade felt carpets, entitled ‘Kece’, at the Wabi-Sabi Arts & Crafts Gallery.


Felt rug, Linda Topic and Antonin Bachet


Felt rugs, Linda Topic and Antonin Bachet

Linda Topic is also showing another collaborative project with Marc Van Hoe of Nieuwbrug, a centre of textile development and a location of a great archive of textile design work particularly from the Art Nouveau and the Art Deco periods. Linda Topic and textile designer, artist, producer and consultant Marc Van Hoe selected five original sketches from the historical Nieuwbrug collection, which were then interpreted by Guatemalan craftsmen in wool with new colour signatures and structures. This has produced a brand new jacquard research collection. The show ‘Art Nouveau as Generator’ is on at Nieuwbrug.


Original design from the Nieuwbrug archive


New fabric design by Linda Topic and Marc Van Hoe

The exhibition ‘SOFT!’ presents ten young textile designers whose work includes wall covering, weaving, pattern and printing, finishing, knitwear, and rugs. The show is in main hall of the Fedustria building in Anderlecht.


Young designer work at SOFT!


Young designer work at SOFT!


Young designer work at SOFT!

In addition to ‘SOFT!’ comes the tandem exhibition ‘FRESH!’, which also highlights the skills of new young textile designers in Belgium. The show includes: wallcoverings (Cédric Haeseleer, Ludivine Lechat, Tenue de Ville), patterns and prints (KVP, The Avelinos design studio), weaving and knitting (Ella De Vos, Amandine Lamand, Les Inséparables, NoMoreTwist), rugs (Laure Kasiers) and furs (Emmanuelle Béduneau), contemporary embroidery and object design (Julie Menuge, Coralie Miessen).


Young designer work at ‘FRESH!’


Young designer work at ‘FRESH!’


Young designer work at ‘FRESH!’

‘Tapisseries Polymeres, Geneviève Levivier’ is a exhibition of monumental polymer and flax fibre flexible panels by the A+ZDesign studio and textile designer Geneviève Levivier.


Tapisseries Polymeres by A+ZDesign studio and Geneviève Levivier


Tapisseries Polymeres by A+ZDesign studio and Geneviève Levivier


Tapisseries Polymeres by A+ZDesign studio and Geneviève Levivier



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