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Canvas Collage collection by Brunklaus for Egecarpets

The Dutch interior designer, Nicolette Brunklaus has teamed up with Danish carpet producer, Ege carpets to create a new carpet collection with digitally printed designs that draw from her love of rich textile structures.

Nicolette Brunklaus explains: “My work is tied to memories that, once translated into designs, become universal… I manipulate my own photographs to create unique designs and the images are chosen for their colour palette and poetic meaning”.

There are five designs that can be easily integrated. They are all available in three different sizes, in a choice of seven different qualities. The catalogue categorizes the range into four different colourways, labelled ‘the beiges, the blues, the reds, and the greys’, which are tactfully toned to suit a myriad of colour schemes.

Canvas Collage MixEge Brunklaus reCanvas-Collage---RF52752823-Octo---close-up Canvas Collage - RF52752821 Octo (1)Ege Brunklaus Canvas Collage - RF52752819 Tradition - RF52752804 Rewoven - Close upEge Brunklaus Canvas Collage_RF52752824 Faded dahliaEge Brunklaus Canvas Collage -VB52752865 Faded Dahlia Rug -Packshot (1)Ege Brunklaus


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