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From COVER 42: Painting a picture of Rug Art

Interior featuring Rug Art International’s Riverpool rug

Never has the connection between carpet making and the visual arts been made clearer than in American brand Rug Art International. COVER speaks to co-founder and head designer Sigal Sasson

Rug Art International – it is all in the name. Creative polymath Sigal Sasson founded the company together with her husband Vidal more than a decade ago, and is now its head designer. ‘I paint and sketch everyday,’ she says. ‘The more you do it, the more ideas you have – my head never stops.’ That is a lucky thing. The past few years have seen the brand go from strength to strength, perfectly attuned to the refined patterns and subtle tones that are the cornerstones of American taste. But sophisticated does not have to mean dull, and Sasson’s artistic flair is surely much to thank for it. ‘It is easy to take a pen, draw a line and call it a rug, but we do more than that,’ she says.

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