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COVER’s 50 Best Rugs: Faig Ahmed chosen by Tammy Kanat

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For the 50th edition of COVER, we asked influential people in the world of handmade carpets to without prejudice name the best rug since the first issue 13 years ago. The fibre artist, Tammy Kant, chose Speech of the Birds by Faig Ahmed.

‘I am always drawn towards works that are innovative and push the boundaries. This is the most unique handmade contemporary rug. I love the way the artist experiments with traditional design and reinterprets rugs in a contemporary way. When I look at his works they have a soulful connection with the past, mixed with a contemporary twist. The bold colours and extreme textures in this magnificent piece are so powerful. To me, it is a representation of the struggle we have with holding on to our past and trying to move forward gently with changing times. His work reflects so much passion and enthusiasm. This deeper meaning makes it more desirable and pleasurable to the eye. I think it is important we continue to create rugs that have a soul!’

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