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Fabric meat carcasses by Tamara Kostianovsky

From COVER 31…

Meat your maker in Paris

Presented as part of the exhibition ‘Nourritures Premiers’ during Maison et Objet 2013, Tamara Kostianovsky’s new installation, Actus Reus reduces the crudeness of slaughtered livestock to plush cuts of meat. The New York based artist has cannibalised her own clothing in order to recreate the butchered parts, using various fabrics and textures to create flesh, bone gristle and slabs of fat in life-size versions of carcasses. Tamara says: “My intention is to confront the viewers with the real and grotesque nature of violence… reflecting the vulnerability of our physical existences.”

Bound, 2007

Bound, 2007

'abnegation' 2007

Abnegation, 2007


'venus' 2010

Venus, 2010


'abacus' 2008

Abacus, 2008



What it once was, 2010 and Intertwined, 2010


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