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Fragmented Memory by Phillip Stearns


Fragmented Memory, Phillip Stearns

The work of New York-based artist Phillip Stearns featured in COVER issue 30, where we discussed his Glitch Textiles, which use patterns taken from short-circuited cameras and manipulated digital techniques. Stearns’ new collection Fragmented Memory, a triptych of large woven tapestries made at the TextielMuseum Tilburg, works towards rendering invisible processes into tangible objects. Binary data from his computer is translated into patterns that are then woven on a computerised industrial jacquard loom. Because of the direct mappings from binary data to image, and from image to woven pattern, it’s actually possible to decode the original binary information sourced from the computer’s physical memory.


Fragmented Memory, Phillip Stearns


Fragmented Memory, Phillip Stearns


Fragmented Memory, Phillip Stearns



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