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Knitted Furniture by Monomoka


Cubes ottoman, Monomoka

Textiles are becoming an ever-more important element within interior design but it is not just the curtains and carpets of a house that can supply the soft furnishings we are looking for, it can also be used in furniture. Designers Monomoka are one of many companies producing interior products that utilise the very best qualities that textiles can offer a living space. The Monomoka collection comprises 13 unique pieces of furniture that use knitting and crochet to make comfortable, tactile and aesthetically pleasing seating. Each piece has a humorous edge to its design also. The 2 designers behind the Monomoka brand are twin sisters Monika and Kasia Gwiazdowska and they explain how the work came about: “Project Monomoka was conceived in 2004 on a trip to Venice and has evolved over the last seven years. It is a synthesis of our gathered creative experience gained from working on interior designs and architectural projects. Though we continue these activities as architects, however, monomoka is our most personal project.” The sisters also explain what the name of the project means to them: “The name Monomoka is a symbol of our inseparable, sisterly connection which has, so far, resulted in a collection of 13 unique objects. The painstaking hand crocheting which we personally carry out means that each unique piece has taken many months to create.”


Full Ring ottoman, Monomoka


Hive ottoman, Monomoka


Rack roll ottoman, Monomoka


Stormy Rose ottoman, Monomoka


Zebra ottoman, Monomoka

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