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Mexican Rebozo Exhibition London

Made In Mexico: The Rebozo in Art, Culture and Fashion is on at the Fashion and Textile Museum, London to 30 August 2014. This is the first time that the classic shawl – a symbol of Mexican culture and identity, has been the sole focus of an exhibition.

Made famous in the 20th century by artist Frida Kahlo, the garment has a long and significant history being mentioned in 16th century literature and being appropriated by revolutionaries, artists, writers and collectors ever since. The traditional costume was embraced by Kahlo (1907 – 1954) as a political statement of solidarity with the labourers of her country and the indigenous craft skills involved in its production are still celebrated today. An integral part of daily life the textile represents the transitional journey through life, being used as a baby carrier and shroud.

The exhibition reunites historic rebozos from the Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico City with an important loan from the British Museum that was originally part of the 20th century diplomat, Robert Evans’ collection. It explores the past and personalities associated with the costume as well as featuring over 50 new works by painters, artists and designers from Mexican and the UK who have been invited to present their response to the rebozo. Amongst those contributing are Fransisco Taledo, Pedro Diego Alvarado, Sergio Hernandez, Carmen Rion, Carla Fernandez, Kaffe Fassett and the museum founder, Zandra Rhodes. The show will travel to the Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico City in Spring 2015.
WallaceSewell_woolrebozo2014detail copy

Woollen rebozo (detail), 2014, Wallace Sewell. Photo © Fashion and Textile Museum

Senora de los milagros - Lady of Miracles copy

Senora de los milagros – Lady of Miracles, hand-tinted photograph, Bill Blair, 2013.© Bill Blair
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