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New Designers: An Interview with Nedim Eskinazi

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‘Megacity’ by Nedim Eskinazi is a narrative textile project which proposes a design solution to the challenges societies are facing today in urban spaces that rapidly evolve to accommodate their increasing populations. In this exclusive interview with COVER, the recent CSM graduate talks about the collection plus his creative process and design influences.

Why did you choose to do textile design?

I chose to do textile design because I realised that most of my observations and interests about my concepts unintentionally result in a textural study, a material manipulation and structure. I also can’t deny that creating with my hands is very satisfying and tactility for me was always an essential factor.

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Where do you get your inspiration from?

Movies are probably at the core of my inspiration because for me they open many conversations in my head. I also like to find inspiration outside, anything from a shadow of an object, to a scratch on the wall or even a comment from a random person on the street could be inspiring. The eye has to travel.

Please, can you talk me through the creative process of ‘Megacity’ project?

I’ve always been inspired by the projections of urban spaces on the crowds of people that live in it and the exchange between the two. With Megacity, I came across an article that struck me, proposing a future trend that suggested mandatory coexistence and the downsizing of accommodation in fifty years. I began looking for an exciting way of how textiles can emotionally and practically accommodate people to feel at home. Blankets became a repetitive sign that functioned for both of these uses. A memory of my father and I building dens outside our garden with wool blankets in Native American patterns gave me the idea to do a series of workshops with kids, friends and classmates to see the translation of collectively creating a living space with only scrap materials. It was their arrangements and combinations of these materials and the outcome structures that I incorporated in every process from yarn dyeing, patterns and layers of the blankets I’ve woven.

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What would you say is the biggest influence of the collection?

I would like to think the biggest influence of this collection is to highlight the importance of tactile objects like textiles not only touching our skin but also reaching deeper.

Can you tell me about something exciting you are working on at the moment?

I always note down an idea for a new project while I’m working on another. I’ve been interested in uniforms and how people personalise these lately. I could say that I’m doing some observational research at the moment.

If you could collaborate with anyone either alive or dead, who would it be and what would you do?

I would have liked to collaborate with the film-maker, Francis Ford Coppola and the composer, Max Richter on a short-movie that studied the strange movements and transformations of objects in the city. I find both of them very strong in creating emotional experiences for the public.

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