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  1. Wooden-mosaic furniture from Lebanese designer

    Shown as part of Milan Design Week 2013, Tessera is a handcrafted line of products, made with leather bound walnut units of 4x4x4cm. Designed by Marc Baroud for Carwan Gallery in Beirut, Lebanon, the cubes come together to form mosaic-like structures.

  2. A multi-tasking Rocking Chair

    With technology advancing at lightening speed, many have become obsessed with the latest high-tech devices and it is important not to forget the ingenuity of low tech inventions. Students Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex created the “Rocking Knit” using a good old fashioned rocking chair.

  3. Sculptural rugs at Frieze New York

    Dana Barnes was invited to create a site specific installation for the Collective .1 Design Fair that ran last week during Frieze New York. ‘SWASH’ explores the art of the braided rug and the installation is a sprawling and interactive floor lounging area.

  4. JAB Anstoetz is set to launch their first hand-made rug collection

    This September 2013 JAB Anstoetz is set to launch their first hand-made rug collection, Characters. For this collection, JAB has collaborated with some of the world’s leading artists and designers to create an eclectic mix of traditional, modern and unique rug designs.

  5. Dave Cole: The Knitting Machine

    The Knitting Machine is a uniquely American sculptural installation presented by Dave Cole. It comprised two excavators specially fitted with massive 20′ knitting needles.

  6. Alberto Levi collaborates with Arjumand for Milan Design Week

    The Fuori Salone presented an opportunity for the Alberto Levi Gallery to showcase their latest innovations from the world of contemporary carpets. This year the floor coverings were presented together with artistic decorative fabrics.

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