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  1. Lara Bohinc (b. 1972) Solar Eclipse Hand-tufted rug, wool Diameter: 1.5 m Edition of 150

    Editions go Farr at Somerset House

    Christopher Farr will celebrate 25 years in business by launching a new collection of limited edition tufted rugs at Somerset House on 2 May. Created in association with a handful of leading artists and artist estates, this collection offers rugs in the style and mode that have made the gallery so well-known but costing just £650-£1000

  2. Connection Carpet by Oloop Design

    CONNECTION Carpet in progress by the Slovenia-based design group Oloop is a celebration of manual labour and hand craft.

  3. Umbrella Carpet - We Make Carpets

    Life is never monotonous with We Make Carpets and their consumer creations

    Dutch trio Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vleuten and Bob Waardenburg are the force behind We Make Carpets. The innovative carpet creators mix traditional skills and offer a critical view of the consumer society in unusual carpets, exploring and pushing the boundaries of traditional floor coverings.

  4. Three Gorges Dam, Sandouping, Yiling, Hubei, China

    Anthropocene: Google maps sewn into Persian rugs

    A Photographic Exhibition by David Thomas Smith, till 16th April 2013, The Copper House Gallery.
    The exhibition examines global landscapes that have been transformed by the actions and activities of mankind, created using a unique and innovative technique. Composited from thousands of thumb nails screen-captured from Google Maps aerial views, each image is reconstructed using Photoshop to produce meticulously detailed images.

  5. The Rug Revolution

    Forza Tappeti: The Rug Revolution Launch Party

    COVER magazine’s long awaited event, Forza Tappeti: The Rug Revolution, had its VIP launch party on Tuesday 9th of April, and with over a thousand guests and VIPs attending, the tone was set for a successful show.

  6. Kaffe Fassett's dining room

    Kaffe Fassett: A Life in Colour Exhibition

    The FTM exhibition represents a genuinely rare opportunity to enjoy Fassett’s way with needlepoint, patchwork, knitting, and other media, and showcases over 100 works – including new items that haven’t been exhibited in public before.

  7. Forza Tappeti: The Rug Revolution 2013

    The curated exhibition shows the best of contemporary carpets and features the most innovative, unique rugs on the market – this is one exhibition visitors must ensure they do not miss out!

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