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Punk Rug by Rosemary Hallgarten

punk rug

Punk Rug, Rosemary Hallgarten

To coincide with the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s current ‘Punk: Chaos to Culture’ exhibition English born rug designer Rosemary Hallgarten designed her new Punk Rug. The rug made of Tibetan wool pays homage to Vivienne Westwood and designers who were at the forefront of the non-conformist Punk style in the 1970s. It was the era of zips and safety pins on clothes. Hallgarten explains: “I had wanted to do something with rugs and zips for a long time, and also, but separately, using plaid as a design,” she says, adding, “People describe my work as ‘the experience of texture’. A little metal is just a little more texture!”

God Save the Queen!


Punk Rug, Rosemary Hallgarten



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