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Sculptural rugs at Frieze New York


Dana Barnes was invited to create a site specific installation for the Collective .1 Design Fair that ran last week during Frieze New York.

Called ‘SWASH’, Dana explores the art of the braided rug and the installation is a sprawling and interactive floor lounging area. It is inspired by the image of rushing seawater heaving along the coast, settling washed up debris, abandoned castaways and maritime wreckage. Randomly deposited – engulfed and absorbed by their surroundings; their forms the remaining relics of a prior existence.

Dana’s imagination is adapted into sculptural pieces that combine fluid textural formations with elements of wood, metal and leather. Fibres flow ‘seamlessly around and through geometric forms to create undulating and entangled textiles that are manipulated with irregular gestures of knotting, twisting, braiding and looping.’


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