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Star Wars recreated in cross stitch tapestry

The Coruscant Tapestry by Aled Lewis is a 30 foot long, 13 inch high tapestry depicting Star Wars in cross-stitch. In the manner of the Bayeux Tapestry, its borders are embellished with writing – quotes in Aurebesh from the films and just like the Bayeux it portrays the battle between two opposing forces: in this case the Rebels Alliance and the Empire. It’s for sale for $20,000 at Los Angeles’s Gallery 1988.

In the gallery’s words: ‘This cross-stitch tapestry depicts the Star Wars saga (so far) from Episode 1 through Episode 6. Quotes from each movie are written in Aurebesh on the surrounding border.’ star wars star wars tumblr_n0nyccWBVA1rr18wao3_1280 tumblr_n0nyccWBVA1rr18wao2_1280


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