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Studio Proba: A Poster a Day rugs


Multidisciplinary designer and art director Alex Proba is no stranger to rug design and her collaborative collection with Brooklyn-based boutique label Aelfie featured in COVER 44 Design Notes.

apad-rug_25But now the choice of Studio Proba rugs has expanded as Alex has noted the tufted potential of many designs from her daily A Poster a Day project which has seen her create a collage or graphic each night after work as a kind of diaristic exercise over the past four years. A series of eight rugs launched at Canal Street Market, New York in December 2016, plus if you like the idea of seeing one of her as-yet non-rug designs on your floor, you are invited to get in touch to discuss translating it into a bespoke Proba rug.

apad-rug_26 apad-rug_23 apad-rug_22
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