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Urban Landscapes by Solstys

A new collection of rugs by French brand Solstys entitled Urban Landscapes features a series of dramatic geometric/architectural designs in monochromatic tones. The company’s approach is based on abstract photography, with the idea of mixing the ancient art of weaving and contemporary life. The company website explains more about the work: “Light  sculpts  fascinating  silhouettes  and evokes  forms  all around us. It reveals colours and  textures  that  make  objects  one  might  usually  overlook  infinitely beautiful. The expressive hand of time leaves unpredictable traces everywhere and works its magic creating a rich patina.” solstys11 solstys8 solstys5 solstys2 solstys1 solstys12 solstys9 solstys6 solstys3 solstys14 solstys13 solstys10 solstys7

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  1. poggidesign said:

    I have been working with them for a long time. the design team is supreme, the quality is extremely well crafted.
    They are the perfect team to do custom rugs …and very sophisticated designs!
    The are a staple in my interiors and we have done together many rugs. this collection of “urban landscapes” is just “sublime”!

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