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12 best designs from Salone del Mobile 2016


1. Roos Soetekouw’s Fungy textile collection showed at Ventura Lambrate. The designs are based on the spread of spores, rather unpleasant subject matter that has created some beautiful textiles



2. Earthquake collection rug designed by Alessandro Mendini for Carini Lang. The collection of four rugs was displayed at the Fragile Gallery with Mendini furniture and design. See COVER 43 (out in June) for a report on the whole collection


3. cc-tapis showed a host of new designs during Salone del Mobile. This ‘Acqua Alta’ design by Zanellato/Bortotto for Rubelli is inspired by the Venice Lagoon


cctapis milan

The cc-tapis stand at Salone del Mobile


kustaa_saksi_octocorallia_rug_310x400-300dpi-moooi-carpets copy

4. Moooi Carpets launched last year at Salone del Mobile. This year we liked Kustaa Saksi’s design for the brand


chevalier copy

5. Chevalier édition’s first tufted rug was designed by Eli Gutierrez. Here the detail shows off how well the design works as a tufted rug


nodus:job copy

6. Nodus showed another great collection at the cloisters of the Church of San Simpliciano. The most striking design had to be this circular rug (shown in detail here) by Studio Job



7. Eindhoven student Adrianus Kundert showed a range of rug designs under the title of Ripening Rugs, a series about wear and ageing. This rug is made of looped red rope wound with gold thread which gradually wears to reveal the red rope



8. Rumble in the Jungle rug by Illulian, showing at Salone del Mobile



9. The designs of Jessica Smarsch’s Body-Scape textiles were created by a computer programme that recorded movement. The whole series represents a twenty-day walking ritual


Jan Kath Milan

10. Jan Kath’s Milan display at the DAMn show ‘A Matter of Perception’ at Palazzo Litta was stunning. The Erased Heritage designs fitted perfectly into the opulent space



11. At the Salone fair Golran showed a new range of rugs created with Dimorestudio. The range had a feeling of patchwork, using different areas of colour, patterns and textures


12. Reuber Henning’s Stripes exhibition at The Alberto Levi Gallery featured new rugs and flatweaves including this sunny design, which has a one-off design created by the three weavers who worked on it. We also like the tassels


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