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Interior Innovation Award 2014 Winners

The German Design Council announced the winners of this renowned award at imm Cologne; here we present 11 stand out products from the prize winners.


UNI/VERSE- Woven Poetry curtain textile collection by Isa Glink for Kinnasand. Nordic design simplicity with delicate, colourful nuances creating a play of light and movement, also awarded one of the 15 honourable ‘Best of Best 2014’ prizes. www.kinnasand.com

TP30 2

TP30 Knit acoustically effective space structuring system by Nimbus Group. A new development in space dividing sees this strong, lightweight fabric screen which blocks and absorbs acoustic waves, acting as a sound shield. www.nimbus-group.com


Reverso by Yann Mathys, 2nd place in the D3 Contest, The Young Designers Competition. This interactive partitioning system constructed of cut and stretched paper reinforced with Tyvek can be manipulated by hand to create visible differences produced by the way light falls on the perforated. yannmathys.com

1001 Nights - Iceblue

001 Nights- Iceblue rug by Gebrüder Vartian KG. A handknotted Nepalese carpet produced in a limited edition of 29 inspired by a design by Austrian silkscreen artist Andreas Reimann. www.vartian-carpets.com


Indorato fabric by Christian Fischerbacher.


Yamba decoration fabric by NYA Nordiska Textiles. Fine semi transparent cotton with a graphic 3D design achieved with a shrink print technique. www.nya.com



Azulej collection for floor and wall coverings by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina. Digitally printed ‘rectified homogeneous porcelain stonewear’ with diverse aesthetic languages evident within the coherent combination of styles. www.mutina.it


Midsummer paper yarn carpet by Ritva Puotila for Woodnotes. Available in 5 colours, narrow stripes of colour create a painterly effect. www.woodnotes.fi

Benu Jaspis

Benu Jaspis drapery fabric by Christian Fischerbacher. Recycled PET bottles spun into yarn are treated with an ecologically sound NanoTex finishing providing the fabric with moisture and stain resistant properties. www.fischbacher.com




eLumino Aves light textile by Creation Baumann.
A dense decoration fabric with shimmering metal weave that can be sculpted, dimmable LED elements integrated within the weave generate a grid pattern of lights.

Sebastian Wrong

Sebastian Wrong for Fletco carpet tiles.
Moving away from the purely functional, these tiles in three shapes create contemporary geometric flooring solutions. www.fletco.com

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